Who is Harso?

Harso Technologies is a Mexico-based technology firm specializing in tailor-made IT solutions for its clientele. We concentrate on crucial domains like corporate networks, data centers, data analytics, and cybersecurity. Our strength lies in strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Cisco, Microsoft, Veeam, and VMware. These alliances enable us to deliver cutting-edge, security-centric solutions across various sectors including finance, industrial, education, and marketing.

Offering an extensive array of services, Harso Technologies empowers businesses to streamline IT operations, boost efficiency, and minimize operational costs.


Our goal is to facilitate the technological advancement of one million companies in Latin America by safeguarding what’s most important.


We aim to be the go-to partner for industries seeking technological innovation to stand out, become more competitive, and achieve their objectives.


Our core values include service, discipline, trust, transparency, commitment, passion, and talent.