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In our increasingly interconnected world, securing our networks and systems is paramount. Cyber threats are constantly evolving, making it essential to be prepared to protect our valuable information and assets.

Harso, in collaboration with Cisco—a technology industry leader—provides a broad spectrum of security solutions to help protect your business. From firewalls to intrusion detection and prevention solutions, we have you covered.

Here are some of the key advantages of our security products:


Cisco security products are designed to detect and prevent intrusions in real time, being able to identify and block threats before they cause damage.

Integration with
other products

Los productos de seguridad de Cisco se integran fácilmente con otros productos de seguridad y soluciones de tecnología, proporcionando una protección completa y cohesiva.


Cisco’s security products are user-friendly, allowing even those with no cybersecurity experience to set up and use them confidently.


Cisco regularly updates its products to ensure they are safeguarded against the latest cyber threats.

With Cisco security products, you receive effective protection to secure your network and safeguard your information, suitable for both small businesses and large organizations.

Learn more about the security products we offer:

Cisco SecureX

FW Firepower

Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Secure Endpoint [CSE] (Formerly AMP for Endpoints)

Cisco Email Security [CES]

Cisco Identity Services Engine [ISE]



Our specializations

Strategy, risk and compliance

We evaluate and define your organization’s security strategy. Strategies are based on a proactive perspective focused on protecting your information, detecting risks and threats. As well as identifying the organization’s current solutions to adapt the strategy.

Availability monitoring 

We focus the security strategy on your technology infrastructure, users and applications, to reduce the risk of incidents. We collect, analyze, classify and correlate data from different assets to provide proactive detection and response.

Incident response

We provide a quickly and timely response to incidents including ransomware, extortion and information theft, reducing the risk and impact to your organization. That’s why our experts focus on solutions that prioritize your critical processes.

Vulnerability Management

We identify, assess, treat and report security vulnerabilities in order to mitigate and minimize risks, protecting your company from technological weaknesses that exploit attackers to obtain illicit benefits.

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